Friday, September 17, 2010


Here is a much overdue introduction of the newest little member of our family.
Brody Donald Barnard
June 24, 2010
7lbs. 13oz.
21 inches
Brody was born via a planned c-section. It was so strange to know when my little guy was coming. I have to say it was so nice to feel ready and have time to prepare. My mom was my sidekick in the OR. What an awesome mother, daughter experience it was for us. Everything went smoothly, recovery was easy and best of all I had a brand new perfect baby boy. A moment that will forever be engraved in my mind was that of Hunter's face as he looked at his new brother for the first time. I can't describe the brilliance of his expression packed with so much bliss and tenderness. Brothers for life, brothers forever. Brody came with such a powerful spirit. As I held him in the hospital and gazed into his precious little face, I was in awe of the abundance of peace he radiated from such I tiny soul. There is nothing like holding a newborn, knowing that only moments ago they were in the presence of God. If only they could speak. Brody's ability to fill the room with peace was so profound. One night the nurse from the nursery came to check on us and asked if she could just stay awhile. She sat down in the chair and said she didn't want to leave because it was so peaceful and soothing in our room. Brody, one day you will be old enough to read this, so I am going to take a moment to speak to you. I know with everything I am that you are a dear and precious child of our Heavenly Father. I know that you were meant to come to our family and that you will do great things in your life. I can feel already the power and ability that lies in you and I am excited to watch you grow and realize your talents and witness what you accomplish with them. Know that you were wanted and brought here in love. You are adored by many. My sweet baby boy.

I have to thank my friend Jen Bertoch for taking these magnificent pictures. They are such a treasure to me. She did such an excellent job capturing the dear and precious features of my newborn baby that are all too soon fleating as he grows more and more every day. Thank you Jen. Thank you too to all of you who visited us in the hospital bringing gifts and flowers, hugs and support. Thank you to my family for taking care of me so that I could heal quickly and accelerate into being a busy mom of two. Thank you for all of the prayers offered in our behalf and all of the many kind acts of service. Love you all.


Marrott Family said...

You are so blessed! Brody is such a beautiful precious baby! 2 boys is perfect! He really is a peaceful calming I'm thinking he's going to be a general authority someday :) Wish I didn't live so far away....I really miss you! Love you-!~Melis

Nicol said...

He is simply beautiful! Congratulations!

Shelly Bellie said...

You make me sob like a baby anytime i read your posts. Im sure my co-workers think im cazy! You are an awesome woman, mom, and friend. I love you and your fam! You guys are so strong!

carolee said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! I just want to kiss his sweet cheeks!

Cindy said...

He is beautiful! You are a wonderful mom. Congrats!

Jenny said...

Congratulations. He's beautiful! I'm sad we don't live close anymore!